Hong Kong Watch launched on 11 December 2017 at an event in Speaker's House, House of Commons. The event drew together Parliamentarians, journalists and academics for discussion about Hong Kong issues. 

In 2018, Hong Kong Watch will organise a number of similar events, drawing together influencers to help inform policy makers of the situation, and facilitate high-level discussion about human rights in Hong Kong


  Recent events


Report Launch “Hong Kong 20 Years On: Freedom, Human Rights and Autonomy Under Fire”

In November 2017, Lord Ashdown of Norton-Sub-Hamden, the former leader of the Liberal Democrats, visited Hong Kong to meet with political stakeholders and review Hong Kong’s freedoms, basic rights, the rule of law and autonomy under “one country, two systems” and the Sino-British Joint Declaration. Paddy Ashdown went as a Patron of Hong Kong Watch and as a distinguished British political leader with a long history of involvement with Hong Kong. This round-table provided an opportunity for him to present his report on his visit, and discuss the status of Hong Kong’s autonomy and freedoms and the threats they face.

Attended by a packed house, including the former governor of Hong Kong, Lord Patten, the event was a stimulating and successful evening. 

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