Statement: Hong Kong Watch strongly condemns crackdown on prominent activists and elected pro-democracy lawmakers

[Updated on 30 Aug 2019: 23:35 HKT, 16:35 GMT]

Hong Kong Watch condemns arrests of prominent activists and three elected pro-democracy legislators, and calls on international community to defend Hong Kong's right to peaceful assembly.

Hong Kong Watch condemns the decision to ban a peaceful rally planned for Saturday and the arrest of prominent activists Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow, Andy Chan and Student Union leaders and later in the evening Hong Kong time three elected pro-democracy lawmakers Cheng Chung-tai, Au Nok-hin and Jeremy Tam for protest-related charges. Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow have now been released on bail. We call for immediate release of the others on bail.

Hong Kong Watch also strongly condemns the violent attacks by thugs against pro-democracy protest organizers and a student union leader.

We urgently call on the international community to speak out for human rights in Hong Kong against these concerted attacks on freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

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