The BNO Community of Hong Kong Watch Subscribers

Our roundtable event on the rights of British National (Overseas) (BNO) Passport holders received an overwhelming response and media coverage. A range of speakers called for the extension of BNO rights at a packed seminar in the House of Lords. The event host Lord Alton of Liverpool began the evening by calling for the UK government to allow BNO Passport Holders to use the e-passport gates at the UK border. This was followed by a panel discussion with our Trustees Benedict Rogers and Aileen Calverley and representatives from five BNO advocacy groups. Notables attendees include Steve Double MP, Lord Selkirk of Douglas and Sir Geoffrey Nice QC. 

Following the success of the event, we have formed a BNO Community for our subscribers. The Community will serve to provide a platform for BNO advocacy groups and our subscribers to share ideas and proposals on the rights of BNO.

Objectives of the Community:

  • To support the work of BNO advocacy groups to take their campaign forward

  • To advise the groups on strategies and actions to raise awareness and to achieve their goals

  • To provide a platform connecting the advocacy groups and individuals interested in supporting their work

What we do: 

  • Give advice on drafting letters to your local MPs

  • Update the community on actions of MPs and Peers related to BNO advocacy 

  • Organise seminars or roundtable events with MPs and Peers in the parliament

  • Document all actions and proposals 

  • Establish sub-groups to connect individuals and groups for different proposals

The BNO Community is exclusively for Hong Kong Watch Subscribers. If you are not a subscriber, you can subscribe here. A BNO Community invitation will then be sent to you!