Hong Kong Watch trustee and Hong Kong Student Leaders met with German MPs and considered parliamentary actions

Hong Kong Student Union leaders met with 8 German MPs from 5 parties. German Human Rights Committee member Martin Patzelt MP told Hong Kong Watch that real action from the German Parliament is needed to help Hong Kong. Simply relying on media coverage to make noises will achieve little.

A Hong Kong Watch trustee led Student Union leaders Sunny Cheung, Joey Siu and Kex Leung from Hong Kong Higher Education International Affairs Delegation (HKIAD), along with the first political refugee from Hong Kong Ray Wong, to meet with Eckhard Gnodtke MP (CDU) and Dr Danyal Bayaz MP (The Greens) of the Finance Committee to finalise details of a parliamentary scheme. It will be announced soon, after going through a final check of regulation and procedures of the Bundestag.

The delegation also met with Margaret Bause MP (The Greens), Martin Patzelt MP (CDU), Frank Schwabe MP (SPD), Dr Kohler Lukas MP FDP and staff of Gyde Jensen MP (FDP) and Michel Brandt MP (The Left) of the Committee on Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid to discuss Parliamentary actions. The possibility of granting Hong Kong visa students a work permit to work and live in Germany after graduation was also discussed.

The German government welcomes Hong Kong people to study and work in Germany via the EU Blue Card Germany scheme for experienced workers.

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